iLed project workshop on learning design tool place at the University of Oulu on 30 January 2024. The workshop was organized by Professor Hanni Muukkonen, along with doctoral researchers Henri Takalo-Kastari and Egle Gedrimiene, as part of iLed WP4 activities. Overall, ten university teachers from different faculties and disciplines participated in the workshop focusing on creating and improving their course plans with the learning design concept and the BDP tool. The goal of the workshop was to help teachers develop their ideas, reflect on the designs of their courses and to support the implementation of innovative digital pedagogies in course restructuring, enhancement, or improvement. Participants collaborated in small groups, discussing each other’s ideas and learning designs as well as provided each other with feedback on various aspects of their designs. The work generated productive discussions, for instance on AI in higher education, expected learning outcomes, and the role of analytics feedback. Further, it provided fruitful ideas for independent curriculum development. The work will be followed-up and continued in a second workshop in the beginning of June 2024. The iLed workshops for teachers are an important part of the iLed project and research allowing to promote learning design concept and tool among teachers and to better understand the process and support of learning design concept and tool in the context of innovative digital pedagogies.