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The project ''Innovating Learning Design in Higher Education'', approved by the Erasmus+ programme - KA2 - Cooperation partnerships in higher education, started with its activities in October 2022.

The project aims to enhance digital readiness, resilience and capacity of HE through purposeful use of innovative digital pedagogies, tools and learning design (LD). There are four objectives: supporting further implementation of learning outcomes (LOs) via development of an innovative, LO-based LD concept and tool; co-creating LD implementation in virtual/blended learning; innovating HE curricula through LD and supporting flexible learning; fostering teachers’ competences in digital pedagogies.
The Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb is coordinating this EU project led by Full Prof. Blaženka Divjak, PhD. Project partners are the Goethe University (Germany), the University of Oulu (Finland) and The Open University (United Kingdom). 

Total project budget is 400.000,00 €.
Project duration is 3 years (03/10/2022– 02/10/2025).


400 000 €

Project objectives

Enhancing the digital readiness, resilience and capacity of HE through development and purposeful use of innovative digital pedagogies, technologies, tools and learning design (LD).

Specific objectives:

  • SO1: Supporting further implementation of learning outcomes (LOs) and student-centered curricula via development of innovative LO-based LD concept and tool, available in several languages, and their evaluation in international HE contexts
  • SO2: Co-creating LD implementation in authentic learning situations in virtual and blended learning environments to support effective learning and meaningful implementation of innovative pedagogies and tools
  • SO3: Innovating HE curricula through sound LD using innovative digital tools and pedagogies, enabling flexible learning pathways, supporting modular approaches, mobility and trust in microcredentials
  • SO4: Building the capacities of HEIs, primarily skills and competences of teachers, for meaningful implementation of TL and assessment aligned with contemporary learning theories and approaches, supported by OER and tools

Main results:

  • R1 (SO1): Evaluated, verified and upgraded innovative open LD concept and tool based on LOs and constructive alignment, including e-assessment and LA
  • R2 (SO2): LD tool linked with an open learning management system (LMS), linking design and implementation, mapping TL activities in LD to activities in an LMS
  • R3 (SO3): Partners’ courses improved using the LD concept and tool linked with LMS, supporting flexible learning pathways by necessary information for microcredentials
  • R4 (SO4): MOOC with OER supporting teachers’ lifelong learning and professional development, leading to Europass digital credentials

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