On Friday, 21 October 2022, the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI), as the iLed project coordinator, hosted the first project activity, the online Pre-kick-off meeting, led by Professor Blaženka Divjak.

The meeting gathered representatives of all the partner universitates, from four European Countries:

School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb (Croatia),

Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany),

The University of Oulu (Finland),

The Open University (the United Kingdom).


Besides providing a project overview, the meeting presented an excellent opportunity for each partner to introduce their teams, as the basis for successful and fruitful cooperation during the project. The partners discussed the proposal for a Partnership Agreement, as well as the upcoming activities.

In particular, the focus was on the first live meeting of the project partners, which is to be held in Varaždin, Croatia, on 8-9 December 2022. The event will include the project Kick-off meeting, followed by the Coordination meeting related to the opening work package, led by the Croatian partners: FOI and the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb, and co-lead by the UK's Open university.

The work package focuses on the evaluation in international higher education contexts and subsequent upgrading of the innovative learning design (LD) concept and software tool called Balanced LD Planning (BDP) (learning-design.euwith the view to support the further implementation of learning outcomes and student-centered curricula. The BDP tool, developed by FOI and piloted within previous international projects, is freely available for the public as an online collaborative platform in English, supporting sharing and reusing. As a result of the work package, its internationally evaluated and upgraded version will be made.


We are looking forward to the following project activities, and in particular the Kick-off meeting and Coordination meeting to be held live on 8-9 December 2022 at FOI in Varaždin!