On Monday, 18 March 2024, within the pre-conference program of this year's Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK24) in Kyoto, Japan, Professor Blaženka Divjak, with Professor Bart Rienties (Open University) and Professor Dragan Gašević (Monash University), held a workshop on the development of innovative learning design. It was a sequel of the last year's LAK23 workshop, but with a new angle, looking at the intersection of learning design and AI.

The half-day workshop, entitled InnovateDesign: The 2nd Workshop on Learning Design Analytics: How to Prepare AI-related Learning Design?, gathered 24 participants from all over the world, from Japan, through Australia and Hong Kong, to Europe and Canada. The participants had an opportunity to discuss innovative pedagogies and learning scenarios and work on learning designs, using the Balanced Design Planning learning design tool (https://learning-design.eu). While doing so, importantly, they explored two aspects of using AI in learning design: incorporating AI in learning design while using AI to build learning design.

The workshop used some of the results of the Erasmus+ Innovating Learning Design in Higher Education (iLED) project as the basis for discussion, feeding also into the work done within the Trustworthy Learning Analytics for Sound Learning Design (TRUELA, https://lalab.foi.hr/truela) project.