Innovating Learning Design in Higher Education – iLed

Erasmus+ KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education


The international conference on E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences is an academic conference organised by Newcastle University and takes place…
On Tuesday, June  20, 2023 activities and first results of project iLed were presented by professor Blaženka Divjak within the open online debate…
On May 6, 2023 the research and results of the iLed project were presented by professor Blaženka Divjak within StemKA conference in Karlovac with the…


The innovation capacity rests on the co-creation and purposeful use of innovative digital pedagogies, technologies, tools and learning design (LD). iLED is an excellent opportunity for HE instructors, curriculum developers and decision makers to work on building their capacities, knowledge and competences. By developing and enabling the use of innovative LO-based LD concept, iLED will foster the digital readiness, resilience and capacity of HE.

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